50/50 Tickets

Presented by Ancoura Homes.

50/50 draws are made at every Ottawa Titans home game. 50 percent of the gross revenue from 50/50 ticket sales will be awarded as the prize, 25 percent of the gross goes to support the Ottawa Titans Field of Dreams Foundation, and 25 percent of the gross goes to support Ancoura Homes. The raffle draw will be displayed on the video board in the 8th inning.

You may purchase your 50/50 tickets when present at the game from one of our 50/50 sellers on the concourse. The winner must show their printed ticket to claim their prize. If at the game, you may present the winning ticket number at the Fan Services Booth located on the concourse at Ottawa Stadium behind section HH. The winner must fill out a 50/50 Payout Form to receive their prize/cheque from the Ottawa Titans Field of Dreams Foundation. Unclaimed prizes will remain available to claim for up to 30 days after the draw. After 30 days, all unclaimed prizes will become the property of the Ottawa Titans Field of Dreams Foundation.

50/50 tickets are available for:


Part-time employees of the Ottawa Titans are permitted to participate in the raffle but all full-time employees are not.

You must be 19 years of age to purchase 50/50 tickets and win prizes.

All tickets will be stored for three years after the draw.


May 24A-2911912$1,128YES
May 25A-1693772$308YES
May 26A-2518179$180YES
May 27A-2696825$465YES
May 28A-1226846$518YES
May 29A-2267599$780YES
June 10A-2365310$778YES
June 11A-2923352$852YES
June 14A-2042122$458YES
June 15A-2319357$750YES
June 16A-1001079$288YES
June 21A-2144888$255YES
June 22A-1405826$330YES
June 23A-1702787$578YES
June 24A-2886762$632YES
June 25
June 26