March 18 Signed IF Trevor Achenbach (Experienced-1)

March 10 Signed C Tanner Murphy (Experienced-2)

March 4 Signed OF Zach Racusin (Experienced-2)

February 24 Signed LHP Brandon Sherman (Rookie-1) and OF Kevin Connolly (Rookie-1)

February 19 Signed RHP Jackson Sigman (Experienced-2)

February 12 Signed RHP Cody Thompson (Rookie-2) and RHP Micah Kaczor (Rookie-2)

February 8 Signed LHP Evan Grills (Veteran).


December 21 — Signed C Héctor Sánchez (Veteran).

December 18 — Signed IF Elliott Curtis (Rookie-1) and RHP Mateos Kekatos (Rookie-1).

December 16 Signed OF Nick Anderson (Rookie-2). Traded RHP Yeison Medina (Experienced-1) to the New Jersey Jackals (Frontier League). Acquired IF Trevor Achenbach (Experienced-1) from the Sussex County Miners (Frontier League).

October 20 — Signed RHP Cody Mincey (Veteran) and OF Kyle Gaedele (Veteran). Named Mincey Pitching Coach and Gaedele Hitting Coach. Named Nick Kennedy Assistant Coach.

October 6 — Named Steve Brook manager.